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Chris-Alys is a painter.

From a white surface, it brings forth a poetic universe from which emerge voluptuousness, delicacy, love, softness and sensuality all in discretion.
Her expression takes cross roads, she imagines, permeates, experiments, combines complexity and simplicity, transcends reality, creates bridges with artistic movements and never stops reinventing herself.

In his works, the line and the arabesque, the color and the black and white, are staged, in a mixture of fiction and reality.
The designer seeks aesthetic strength, the balance of forms, the harmony of colors and the sincerity of the line.

She develops her intuitions on the promise of an ideal of Beauty.

A musical training in her early years, scientific studies and then arts studies at the University of Aix-en-Provence, led her to teach plastic arts and lead workshops. She supervises students to train them for teaching.

It was in a workshop in Lyons that she learned sewing and trained in the technique of Haute-Lisse tapestry.
By correspondence, she studied interior decoration, obtained a BTS in space design and then a qualification in textile design.

Chris-Alys has participated in international art fairs in Lyon, Megève, Monaco and Saint-Tropez since the end of the 90s.
She also does commissioned work, notably with a pharmaceutical company in Lyon, which led her to create a commissioned work, Elfe Hygie. Finally, it responds to requests from individuals.

Two projects, Sainté Couleure and Sainté Végétalisée in connection with the city of Saint-Etienne and design are in progress.

His regularly exhibited works receive unanimous positive reviews.


His work can be seen on his website:

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