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It is in nature that Chris-Alys finds the first lights of his inspiration which develop in nature the existence of a secret analogy between all things. His work weaves its discourse in the imaginary, a mixture of fiction and reality, passage from the sensual to the spiritual, praise of the visible which leads to the invisible, emergence of a scenographic mirage where the right and the arabesque are staged. , color and black and white to install in an eternity the charm of ephemeral beauties.

Several artistic movements nourish his creations.
It borrows square canvases and stylized floral motifs from Japonisme. From Symbolism, she appropriates pictorial semiotics which gives shape to the inner psychic world and magnifies the imagination. Art Nouveau, for its part, inspires its decorative aesthetic of the line which develops curves, schematizes and identifies forms. As in Fauvism, the subjective drive of the artist is expressed by intensely luminous color ranges and often separated from their reference to the object.

The supple and unctuous texture of oil paint, acrylic, charcoal, the subtlety of dry pastel, India ink, various collages or mixed techniques transform the space of the support. Landscaped or floral walks covered with colorful plants, perspectives of real or utopian architectures and mysterious female figures, exhibited in a climate of refined eroticism which imposes on the gaze its share of journeys.

The supple and sinuous forms, the full and loose lines of a line drawn with the tip of the brush partition the background into partitions of different colors or values, make the brushstroke visible when the material is impastoed, delimit the volumes by curves and against -curves or leave the canvas in reserve. The modeling is sometimes suggested by the juxtaposition of shades applied in flat areas and removed from the real tone.

In a sudden shift operated by a progressive abandonment to the contemplation of the work of Chris-Alys, a mysterious momentum offers the eye an aesthetic well-being and carries the observer, satisfied to have given an iconic substance to the image. dreamed.

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