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Workshop secrets

Painter for over 30 years.
Know-how and choice of top-of-the-range paints for a result of strength and excellence; frames made by a professional.

Des pinceaux plat, bombé, biseauté ou en éventail. En poils extra-fins de martre, à structure souple et nerveuse qui donne la précision au trait et grâce à la grande capillarité permet une distribution de la couleur égale.

The tools

Flat, domed, bevelled or fan-shaped brushes. In extra-fine sable hair, with a flexible and nervous structure that gives precision to the line and thanks to the great capillarity allows an even distribution of color.

De la peinture à l'huile très haut de gamme, de l'acrylique ou de la gouache extra-fines, de l'encre de chine, du fusain, du pastel sec, des collages et autres médiums personnels.

The techniques

Very high-end oil paint, extra-fine acrylic or gouache, Indian ink, charcoal, dry pastel, collages and other personal mediums.

Des supports plutôt lisses avec un grain fin, souples, rebondissants ou rigides.Papier aquarelle de 300g/m2, toile en lin ou en coton et polyester, toile marouflée sur bois, bois, fabriqués en France ou en Europe.


Rather smooth supports with a fine grain, flexible, bouncy or rigid.300g/m2 watercolor paper, linen or cotton and polyester canvas, canvas mounted on wood, wood, made in France or Europe.


American body, contemporary frame or double frame, etc., the framing is carried out in Lyon by a professional.

Diaphane (2019) Mixed technique on canvas including oil 20 x 20 cm (without frame)

Canvas framed by a professional sold with certificate of authenticity made by the artist and registered on a dedicated site + invoice. 


The tapestry

Weaving technique executed entirely by hand. Realization on a vertical loom (high-smooth). Work on the reverse using a mirror.
Personal design of the cardboard (original design, colors, materials). Preparation of the cotton warp: warping then installation on the loom thread by thread (5 threads per centimeter). The fabric or plain weave is not made continuously from one selvage to another and is woven upside down according to the indications mentioned on the cardboard. The weft completely covers the warp.

On the back is sewn a bolduc with the title of the work, its dimensions, the name of the artist and his handwritten signature.
Each piece is an original work of art authenticated by decree 67-454 of June 10, 1967 which determines the characteristics of contemporary tapestry.

250 hours of work for a tapestry of dimensions:

50 x 80 centimeters.

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