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Chris-Alys weaves

"Spiritual Signs"

Encounterbetween a painter - master of the sign -
and a colorist weaving artist - yarn virtuoso.
Dualitybetween the spontaneity of calligraphy and the slowness of tapestry.

Meetingof the frame (in Chinese: "Wei" - comments)
and the chain (in Chinese: "King" - fundamental book).

Assemblyof the immutable and principled element
and the variable and contingent element.

Complementarityof the vertical male active ingredient
and the horizontal feminine passive principle.
Alternationcontinual vicissitudes of yin and yang: "back and forth of the shuttle on the cosmic loom".

Message"Black-Colors" and "Whites-Light".

Harmonyspiritual and material.
Revelation: "The Link, Body of the Sign".

Chris Alys (1997)

Let's leave to the tapestry, the mysterious ability to reveal itself beyond words...

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