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“Revealing the aesthetics and essence of natural or constructed forms to arouse the attention of our senses and consciences. 

By creating images that embody the idea of universal and everyday Beauty. »

Chris Alys

His pseudonym is the association of the first letters of his first name and this unique Japanese white flower

(Oxalis or Katabami) which announces a renewal of life. Chris Oxalis then Chris Oxalys to become Chris-Alys.


I have a natural ability to conceive compositions mixing fiction and reality. I often separate the color from its reference to the object.
I invade the decor with an abundance of writings, signs or symbols.


My sensitivity engages me in the representation of an ideal of perfection.
I seek aesthetic harmony in the ordering of the elements of the composition by the correctness of the forms and the accuracy of the colors.


I question my desires to express my deep nature in which my only obligation is to respect the rules I have chosen.
I let myself be guided by my passionate curiosity so that the audacity of a layout and the originality of the patterns dictate their laws in each work.

Isis workshop

The name of his workshop refers to:

• the two final letters of the names chosen for his pseudonym,

• in the neighborhood of his childhood whose name was originally Isis,
• and to the French Hellenist, Mario Meunier, translator of Isis and Osiris

and whose birthplace is in a village in the Loire where the artist lived.



+33 (0) 672 713 444


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